It’s where we connect a global community of freelancers to a variety of tasks to help power the world’s most disruptive companies. You don’t need any special skills to join, simply sign up and complete your profile when you first log in. When tasks matching your profile become available, you’ll hear from us with instructions on what to do next.

TaskUs is a collection of ridiculous humans providing the next generation of digital outsourcing. We work together with innovators across different industries, offering a range of solutions for digital customer experience, content security and moderation, and AI data enrichment. You’ve landed on TaskVerse, a platform where we connect a global community of freelancers to tasks that power innovative companies around the world.

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You can sign up by navigating to the Sign Up page and creating an account. Simply input your email address and choose a password, or sign in with a Google account if you have one. You’ll then receive an email with a verification link and once you verify your email, you’re all set! You can always contact our support team at if you’re having trouble signing up or logging in.

All new members of TaskVerse start out in Standby status when they first join. You won’t be able to access tasks when you’re in Standby. What you can do is help us get to know you better by filling in your profile, and when tasks matching your profile are available, you’ll be moved to Accepted status where you can complete tasks and start earning with us.

At first, the majority of tasks will be related to annotating or collecting data to train AI algorithms. Check out our homepage for more details on AI data annotation and task types. We cannot guarantee which types of tasks will become available first, so please look out for further information and notifications from us via email and the homepage announcement section.

Hey, we want to open with our community, with you - we cannot guarantee when tasks will become available, and which ones will be first. We’re excited to be building something new together, and want to thank you for joining us early in our journey. What we can guarantee is to keep you updated with our latest developments. You can help us out in the meantime by filling in your profile and telling us more about yourself, so we can connect you to the type of tasks that match your unique profile and interests.